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Join us and get started on one VivaMK World Kit TODAY and grab outstanding prizes for just signing up today! This could be CASH prizes from £100-£10k, a FREE Retail Kit, a Two-Night Luxury Hotel Stay and VivaMK Vouchers. JOIN TODAY!

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VivaMK Health is our latest edition offering Meal Replacement Shakes

VivaMK Catalogues

VivaMK offers

a wide range of products and catalogues 

What can you earn with VivaMK

Find out what you can earn with VivaMK and how the business is structured

VivaMK catalogues
VivaMK People Family working from home
You can achieve anything
Work VivaMK around your children and family

We believe in making a difference

If you are you looking for an extra income VivaMK Network offers an easy work from home opportunity and Catalogue Home Shopping Business

with hours to suit you.

FREE catalogues for registered Distributors for a limited time. Click below.

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Find out more information about VivaMK, how it works, how you can make money like many other Distributors already do and learn more about our Front Row Team and our Mastermind Academy Training Programme.

VivaMK is.....

  • Home Shopping  
  • Work with Catalogues
  • Work Online (Social Media,selling sites e.g Ebay, Amazon)
  • Earn 25% Retail Commission on every product sold  
  • Earn up to an additional 10% Bonus
  • Work the hours to suit you
  • Your Personal Online Web Shop exclusive to you
  • Earn Discounts, extra Bonuses & Incentives
  • Simple and straight forward payplan structure
  • Network Marketing    
  • Selling direct to your customers
  • Ongoing support to help you to build & maintain your business
  • Own recruitment page (optional)
  • A business, offering a wide range of products
  • Improve your skills with our  Mastermind Academy
  • Receive your own Workbook
  • Get access to our Programmes and to Viva Core Ranks and accelerate your business to another level
  • Offering an immedite credit limit up to £100**
VivaMK gives you confidence

** see the Registration Page for more information

A Family Business VivaMK

What is VivaMK Network?

A business of People, the People's Business

VivaMK Network is a British home shopping and network marketing company offering products to customers. The customers can buy from our range of catalogues or online.


VivaMK a simple business that works

The company was founded in 2018 and is based in the UK. 

Joining VivaMK is available to anyone aged 18 years and over, who lives in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

Is VivaMK simple to do?

VivaMK offers a simple opportunity with delivering and collecting catalogues in your local area, or working online using Social Media Sites or an e-commmerce webshop or do both. You can choose your desired option, whatever suits you best!

An extra income can be achieved by working full-time or part time, The hours are flexible and can be worked around family or maybe even a full time job.   

Our Mastermind Academy can give you the help you need.

Go to VivaMK Information > VivaMK Earnings and see what you can earn, based on your own personal retail. There is no limit of what can be earned.

VivaMK Distributors earn a minimum 25% commission for every order they receive. 

If this sounds all great to you and you want to sign up to VivaMK .......

..... click on "Register Here", you will join the successful and supportive Front Row Team, where the people become STARS within VivaMK Network and you earn can an income from Day One.

This is the Team of the very first Distributor of VivaMK and multi HQ award winner Ivonne Meisel.

The Front Row Team offers various Websites, training, incentives and awards which are exclusive to our members only.

Register Here and join us now.    

Alternatively if you would like further information, get in touch using the form below.

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Happy Family VivaMK Network

Win amazing prizes when you join us

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Excited to take your VivaMK journey to new heights? Join the Front Row team now for exclusive perks, faster progress, and a supportive community cheering you on!

How to Join:

1. Sign Up as a VivaMK Distributor: Get started by enrolling as a VivaMK distributor and unlock your entrepreneurial potential. Click here to sign up!

2. Explore the Viva Core Ranks: As a Front Row member, access the Viva Core Ranks for a quicker path to success and increased recognition.

3. Enjoy New Starter Incentives: Dive into our New Starter Incentive program, earning cash prizes, getaways, a Free Catalogue Retail Kit, VivaMK vouchers, and more!

4. Connect with the Front Row Community: Join our supportive community of Front Row members to share ideas, celebrate successes, and grow together.

Why Front Row?

Exclusive Opportunities: Benefit from unique programs like the Viva Core Ranks, designed to fast-track your success journey.

Fast-track Growth: Grow faster with the support of a community focused on your success.

Awesome Incentives: Enjoy exciting rewards, including cash prizes and luxurious getaways.

Recognition: Stand out as a leader in the VivaMK community and get the recognition you deserve.

Join Now, Start Winning!

Don't miss out on the chance to be a Front Row member and enjoy a journey filled with rewards, recognition, and fantastic opportunities. Your VivaMK adventure begins after your registration.

VivaMK products 

VivaMK Products Range

VivaMK offers a wide range of Catalogues & Products

With over 1000 products in in the range there is something for everyone.

"Household’’ - "Beauty" - "Home Decor Products" - "Health" - "Eco-Friendly"

"Outdoor & Pets Products" - "Children's Gifts" - "Eco-Friendly" - "Affordable Bedding" and "Personalised Gifts".

Many of the products for the home, garden and for personal use are Eco- and Vegan friendly.

VivaMK Products
VivaMK Health Products

The company offers more than 100 VivaMK branded products and they keep growing on a monthly basis , from cleaning to outdoor, to repellents and to Health products. All VivaMK products are vegan, which also includes an eco-friendly range 

There is a lot of information on this website exlpaining the ranges and the benefits especially about the Health products.

VivaMK Network also proudly  presents the following brands:

Kleeneze, known since 1923. VivaMK offers Kleeneze branded Household products in various VivaMK catalogues.

Other well known brands are also featuring in the catalogues, such as Beauty UK, Wenko (household & for the home) and of course VivaMK branded products, to name a few.

VivaMK presents Kleeneze Wenko Beauty UK Sophia Gift Collection

Our NEWEST catalogues and current range

Browse our latest Catalogues to see the whole range, simply click on the catalogue image shown above.  The range of products are regularily increasing.

The launch of our VivaMK Christmas catalogue was only a few days ago. Next week you can expect more new catalogues.

Discover our new Self-Care Catalogue!

With over 80 pages, it combines the best of our previous Beauty catalogue with a fresh look. Enjoy a curated selection of new products and beloved favourites, and shop directly from the catalogue.

It features vegan products, beauty, spa, and skincare items, including options for sensitive skin, a men's range, and more. Designed for indulgence, it offers an immersive experience from cover to cover.

Explore, enjoy, and elevate your self-care routine with our latest collection.

VivaMK Personalised Gifts 2023

Take a browse at this new catalogue on the catalogue page on this website. Simply click on the orange button below, you will be directly immediately. 

VivaMK catalogues


are out now

Are you curious what the VivaMK catalogues are offering? Visit tthe Catalogue Page on this website for more infotmation.

VivaMK Information

Information about the VivaMK Opportunity

Maybe you want find out more, reading more facts or want to understand how you can join VivaMK.

VivaMK Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

This is the right place  to find out what other VivaMK Distributors think of the opportunity.

VivaMK Leaders

The Mastermind Academy

This programme is exclusive to our Front Row Members. The MA helps to understand our business, to improve, to learn new skills as well as to develop in many areas.  

Questions and Answers about VivaMK

Questions & Answers

Read the most asked questions  when people look at the VivaMK opportunity. Have your questions answered straight away.

VivaMK is known as the "The People's Business"

Why is that?

The business is also known as the People's Business, where people work and support each other to achieve the most possible success. 

The 'Front Row Team' is the best example of helping new starters to get off the ground and to achieve success. We have the Programmes that will help you to achieve fast success.

You can meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills, gain confidence and have lots of fun in the process.

Distributors sharing their VivaMK Stories

Read some of our  team's success stories. This little booklet shows a few our Team sharing their story. 

Why have they joined VivaMK? How are they making money? Why do they think VivaMK is the perfect oppoortunity to join?  Click HERE to read the stories.

VivaMK Network a business with zero pressure
VivaMK Friends Colleagues and Partners
VivaMK distributors sharing their stories

VivaMK Network Online

Are you looking to Shop VivaMK Online? Visit the online shop, you can find all the latest offers and all products sorted into categories on that webshop.

Visit to browse or to shop directly from the  VivaMK webshop.

If you prefer to become a Personal VIP Customer and to  receive a 25% discount simply sign up on the Online Kit and start working right away.

To discuss this option further please send me an email

VivaMK Online Shop Buy Online
VivaMK Network Online

All registered VivaMK Partners / Distributors receive their own Personalised Webshop too. Distributors are allowed to work their business using Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and third party selling sites such as Ebay too. 

About Me

I am Ivonne Meisel and an experienced Online / Offline Catalogue Retailer and Networker and working in this industry for over 10 years. Click Here To Read More 

First Pioneer Distributor of VivaMK Ivonne Meisel.

Ivonne Meisel

Rising Star Sponsor VivaMK Website Ivonne Meisel

Pioneer, Advocate, Bronze Premier & VivaMK Health Ambassador. VivaMK Partner of the Year 2023.

Leader of The Front Row and our Mastermind Academy

WhatsApp Me Contact VivaMK
VivaMK Health Ambassador
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Unique opportunity in the UK and Ireland

*The Front Row Team

🙌 🎉

Our Team stands for Fun - Great People - Success

Enjoy living your life and make your dreams come true,

because dreams can come true, make them happen.

Congratulations Card by VivaMK owner and MD Michael Khatkar
VivaMK I didn't come this to only come this far
VivaMK first registered person Ivonne Meisel
VivaMK. The newest and most modern direct selling business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Join the team of the first VivaMK Distributor Ivonne Meisel. Pioneer.
VivaMK Certificate First Distributor

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