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Benefits of these healthy drinks

 Body Reboot and Velvet Nights are two drinks that come with a lot of health benefits.  

They are two different types of drinks.

Body Reboot is a Detox Drink, that gets rid of the toxic bits from your body in a natural way. 

And Velvet Nights, is a Sleep Drink, that helps to get a better sleep. 

Both drinks are vegan and gluten-free and contain lots of good ingredients, such Aloe Vera, Hisbiscus, Chamomile, Golden Flaxseed and  Fig Fruit, just to name a few. Below are more benefits list. 

Body Reboot Warming Spice  Detox Drink and Velvet Nights Sleep Drink by VivaMK

Velvet Nights Chocolate Sleep Drink

Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink

Velvet Nights is a Sleep Dink that is helping to get better sleeps, to relax more before bed time and it can also help to lose weight because of its natural ingredients.

The Velvet Nights Chocolate Sleep Drink will help your body to calm down, you will relax more and fall more easily to sleep. When you love chocolate and having a chocolate drink before bedtime, then this will be the one you will love.

 VivaMK Velvet Nights Chocolate Drink
VivaMK Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink

Body Reboot is a Detox Drink. This drink helps your body to eliminate toxins (yes, we all have toxins in our body),it also helps you to improve your energy and to lose weight.

Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink will help you to get rid off the bad and unhealthly stuff from your body.  This drink heals your body with the containing spice ingredients. 

Both drinks are Vegan and Gluten Free, low calories can be enjoyed hot or cold with water or any plant based milk (if preferred) and they are exclusive to VivaMK Network.

Our newest VivaMK Health products

Burn that stubborn fat with these delicious and quick to make drinks

Bursting with good stuff it's an excellent start to the day, helping you feel good, love life and of course to loose that stubborn fat.

VivaMK Fat Burner is an advanced herbal drink based on well-proven ingredients that

  • support effective fat metabolism
  • encouraging your body to use more energy.

It also includes antioxidants, is high in fibre and ingredients that improve mental alertness, as well as suppressing appetite. The products vegan based and are best take in the morning or before excercise.

VivaMK Fat Burner Flaming Orange
VivaMK Fat  Burner Red Hot Watermeion

These Fat Burners are available in two flavours: Flaming Orange and Red Hot Watermelon

All ingredients and benefits have been listed on the VivaMK Health Website.  

Do you agree with me, that these VivaMK herbal VivaMK Fat Burner Drinks sound delicious? You can now buy them on the VivaMK Online Shop.

Ingredients and the benefits of the VivaMK Drinks


Cinnamon is a potent activator of detoxifying enzymes in the colon, which may protect against further cancer growth. It has also anti-fungual, anti-viral anti-bacterial and antioxidants properties that can help your skin improvements. Cinnamon also controls the blood pressure and lowers the blood sugar level. Cinnamon is a good spice to help to lower the risk of diabetes too. 


Ginger is well known for many health benefits, such as better digestion, reducing pain, healthier skin, to lose weight, a healthy heart and to control the blood sugar level.

It can also help with nausea, an upset stomach and symptoms of a cold. Ginger also contains antioxidants properties which can help prevent symptoms of ageing. 

Ginger has several vitamins too, such as vitamin C, Vitamin B, niacin and minerals such as iron , calcium and phosphorus.

Benefits of cinnamon in VivaMK drinks
Benefits of Ginger in Vivamk Drinks

For the full Information about the Health Drinks and all ingredients go to

The VivaMK Health page keeps you up-to-date with all the latest new products, ingredients and their benefits, recipe ideas and more. Save VivaMK Health to you browser, to find it easier.

More products are planned and already in production.The next two products will be delicous for sure.

Have a closer look at the VivaMK Health Website to get more information, delicous recipes

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