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A business you can work across the world

Introducing you  VivaMK World.

What is VivaMK World?

VivaMK World allows you to work your business from anywhere in the world, as you can access and log in to your Distributor Website and Ordering Website online from any phone, tablet or computer.

VivaMK expands in various parts of the business, therefore VivaMK World will play a huge part in VivaMK Network

On this page you will see any news in regards to VivaMK World, the Joining Options and Products.  

VivaMK starts with 2 NEW Starter Kits, which are VivaMK World - Digital and VivaMK - Catalogues.

VivaMK World Digital

FREE to join

VivaMK World Digital will give you instant access to the full back office & ordering system, allowing you to begin selling through all digital channels immediately.

There will be no starter kit sent with VivaMK World Digital but EVERYONE joining this option can order catalogues at any time.

Once £100 of paid orders have been placed, VivaMK World - DIGITAL partners are eligible to apply for a Post-Pay facility of £50. As your business grows, so will your Post-Pay facilty.

VivaMK World Digital Starter Kit
VivaMK World Catalogues Starter Kit

VivaMK World Catalogues

£35 / €42

VivaMK World Catalogues will give you instant access to the full back office & ordering system, allowing you to begin selling through all channels. It will include 50 of every active catalogue (unless otherwise stated) 100 snap Bags and 200 Order Forms. Everything you need to begin catalogue & online retailing.

An immediate VivaMK Post-Pay Facility of £100 upon request. As your business grows, so will your Post-Pay facility.

What kit would be the best fit for you?

A digital kit for Social Media platforms

The digital site is all online based and can be worked from any mobile, tablet or computer. To start with this kit is free, however, the registered "Digital" Distributor should have basic knowledge using Social Media platforms, third party platforms, knows how to edit and download images, and so on. 

If you have the skills as mentioned above and you love to be online, then this is the kit for you.  Start on the FREE kit today.

VivaMK World Digital

Catalogues always work

Our Catalogues have been and still are a huge success of our business. Customers love to browse the catalogues from the comfort in their homes, whilst maybe sitting in front of their TV or enjoying a cuppa in the kitchen. 

When you love being outdoors, you don't mind to walk and deliver and collect the catalogues in your in your local area, as well as having chats with some locals abd being their friendly and reliable distributor, then this is the perfect Starter Kit for you. Start on the Catalogue Kit today.

Got a question about VivaMK World?

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The Mastermind Academy is the Program to help and support all Front Row Members of VivaMK Network in all areas of their business.