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If you would like speak to me about the VivaMK opportunity, you can choose the Day and Time in the contact form below, make it convenient to you and I call you at your preferred time for an unformal chat.

I answer any questions you may have about the opportunity, tell your more about VivaMK, how you can get involved and how to join our fast growing Team.

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Alternatively if you are looking for a certain question to be answered, you can also use the Google Search box on this website.

Write the main work you are looking for or phrase in that box and direct answers will pop up as soon you clicked on enter. The Google Seach box is on top of every page on this website.

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If you would prefer to contact me directly go to the Home Page and this gives you the opportunity to call me directly on my phone numbers, WhatsApp me or send me an email. My contact details can be found on the Home Page.  

You can also find other information on the VivaMK Website Homepage, if you have any concerns or you are unsure about anything I can help.

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